Concrete Services in New Haven, Connecticut

Our contracting company in New Haven, CT has been giving clients like you the best service possible as concrete placement is important. When people hear New Haven Concrete Services they expect and understand that they are going to receive quality service. Our rates are extremely competitive to make sure you get what you paid for. Our responsible project managers ensure that you have the quality results expected. 

There is no detail that’s overlooked by us. Concrete is provided at the highest quality for all your construction needs. Our smooth finishes have delighted customers for many years. The services we can provide for you include:


  • Residential And Commercial Service 
  • Concrete cutting Services
  • The Creation Of Concrete Patios And Curbs
  • Pouring foundation For The Concrete Of A Building 
Concrete pouring during commercial concreting floors of buildings in construction site.

Our Services

concrete pouring

Commercial Concrete

The concrete laid down is critical to the function of the building. Our services provide you with the expertise to make sure this service is done to the highest degree of perfection. Your commercial building matters to us in New Haven.

A picture of a concrete worker building a fresh concrete patio in New Haven.

Concrete Patios

You'll love the patio that we build for you. Many years from now, you'll be able to spend time relaxing on your patio.

Freshly laid concrete pavers in new concrete paver driveway.

Stamped Concrete

We work to improve the aesthetics of every property we work on. We want to create something that impresses people. We even offer a warranty on our projects. We believe in the quality of our work

Have you heard?

  • Concrete is an excellent supporting material that is highly flexible when it comes to pouring it into shapes. This allows for it to be perfect when it comes to road construction. The design and shape needed is always achieved. 


  • Limestone is an extremely abundant material. This makes it highly practical to use to create roads. Concrete is made out of limestone. This is why concrete is the most commonly used material for construction. 


  • Concrete roads often have an average appearance that gives off the look of being highly neutral. While this is typical, the design can be enhanced when other materials are used in the process. Some materials can be used to make floors even more resistant to wear and tear. 


Concrete Benefits

Some homeowners overlook the benefits of installing concrete floors in their home because it is not a common practice. This is not so with commercial buildings. It is now beginning to take on popularity with home owners because it is cheap and versatile. It is also durable and results in less foundation issues

You should consider these 7 benefits if you're looking into getting concrete floors

  • Many are attracted to the idea because of the cheap price of concrete. While being extremely affordable, it also comes with a high quality finish, which creates a beautiful floor. 


  • Some are attracted to how low maintenance this flooring is. This is especially true when it is compared to a material that looks like wood or carpet.


  • It also keeps itself at a relatively low temperature. With that said, concrete that is stepped on all the time will eventually need maintenance. This is especially true for concrete roads that are carrying heavy vehicles. Typically, concrete roads need maintenance once every two years. 


  • As said, concrete keeps itself at a decent temperature. It is false that it will be too cold to be stepped on barefoot. 


  • These floors are no different than all the other materials used to make them when it comes to temperature. 


  • Concrete is a highly durable material that can take the pressure of lots of traffic. It can also outlast extreme weather conditions. Concrete often suffers little damage during a hurricane. These floors may be an excellent choice if you live in an area that is prone to natural disasters. 


  • Worried about slipping? These floors come with no slip involved. They just have a bad name for it that isn’t at all true. If they are installed by a professional who knows what he’s doing, there is no risk involved at all. A no-slip finish will prevent any problems.

Other Services

The elements that make up concrete are highly important when it comes to the construction of commercial facilities. Our range of concrete is made with the idea of providing the highest degree of function and value. Our professions at New Haven Concrete Services are careful to ensure that you see high quality results. A successful project is fully dependent on our quality of service. We are sure to meet all your expectations. You shouldn’t settle for a company that doesn’t care about the quality they provide to you. No detail is too small for us to pay attention to. 

Our masonry service is top of the line. We specialize in providing you with the highest quality stone to complete the project. Masonry work has an ancient past and has been developed quite a bit over the years. The elegance provided is the main reason why clients choose this type of construction. Decks and many other platforms can be made with masonry work. We often meet or exceed the expectations of our customers as we are so skilled in this area of construction. Our masonry work is done in a beautiful manner that fits every home owner’s desire. It will increase the value of the home while adding plenty of function and beauty. 

Many are unaware of the existence of collared concrete. Many colors, shapes and textures can be made with concrete. You aren’t limited when it comes to decks, patios and flooring regarding color. Roads are grey because so much concrete has to be laid down that it’s not practical to dye it. 

The inspection of your foundation is highly important to ensure safety and quality. It’s important to make sure the weight of your home is being properly supported by the concrete. Some damage can be created overtime when the house settles. Our inspections can help make sure there are no problems. We can fix them if there are any. 

Why You Should Choose Us

Our customers receive the highest quality work available in the area, which is given by professionals in the field. No one else pays as much attention to every aspect of the project. At the beginning stage, we treat your project with care. The plans are reviewed to ensure that everything is done properly. Our work plans are specific and well communicated to make sure everything is done in order and with quality. There is no other company that has a greater amount of passion when it comes to providing quality work.

We Are License And Have An Insured Service

We know that every customer wants a licensed and insured worker to enter their home. We want to make sure you aren't liable by your homeowners insurance if something goes wrong. That's why our workers carry insurance. The testing process involved in becoming licensed as a concrete contractor is difficult. It's enough to ensure that nothing will go wrong, and you can rest easy.

We strive to make our results match that perfect image in your head

Our floors are created with the intent to make you fall in love with them. We consider no job too small to care about and no job too big to not rush through.

No one compares when it comes to the skills our workers have

Our equipment is enough to bring you expert service as well as our worker's experience in the field. It's how we always achieve spectacular results.


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The New Haven Concrete Service Guarantee

It’s time to pick the right contracting company, one that specializes in construction at residential properties. Our 3 decades of experience allow us to place our concrete with care and expertise. Decoration concrete has become a fan favorite. Whether it needs to be colored or stamped, it will be done to the highest quality. Trust us with all your construction needs. 

We at New Haven Concrete Services,  can also offer demolition. We do a removal service for many of our customers as well. Hire a company that’s licensed, belongs to BBB, and has a reliable liability.

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