Concrete Curbing Contractor in New Haven CT


Want to improve the landscaping of your home? You don’t have to do anything drastic to make a difference. Finishing applications like borders and curbers can have a big impact. 


Why Should You Consider Concrete Landscape Curbing?

Homeowners choose to install concrete landscape curbing for many different reasons. Replacing damaged landscape edging can be tiring. Concrete curbing is a much better choice.

The Landscape Border Installation Process

  • To prepare your landscape for border installation, the ground must be prepped and the sod must be cut. 
  • A self-contained trailer is used to mix the concrete. Precise measurements are used when adding color to the dry mix. Many people say that concrete looks a lot like wet sand during this stage. 
  • After the concrete has been fully mixed, it is then transported to the site, where it can be fed into a machine and used to make a continuous border around your landscaping. 

Will Replacing My Current Edging With New Concrete Curbing Have An Impact On My Landscaping?

Your current edging will be removed before the installation process begins. After that, a strip of sod will be cut away in the area surrounding your landscaping. This will allow your new concrete curbing to be placed.

Can I Use My Lawnmower Against My Curb?

Your curbing shouldn’t be damaged by your lawnmower blades. You can use the mower right against it, which means you’ll be able to spend less time on weeding.

If you’re in New Haven, and you want to learn more about concrete curbing, talk to New Haven Concrete Services as soon as possible. Our engineers would love to work with you. Call today at 203-717-4980 and we can even give you a free estimate!

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