Concrete Floor Contractor in New Haven CT

If you’ve ever thought that concrete floors work well for garages and sidewalks only, then you’re in for a pretty big surprise. Concrete floors give your home a certain sense of elegance, flexibility, durability and they are perfect for both outdoor and indoor spaces. Here at New Haven Concrete Services, we strive to provide the best in quality for your concrete flooring business and home solutions in New Haven, CT. 

The Pros Of Concrete Flooring

To those who are used to feeling and thinking that concrete floors work best in a utilitarian setting, concrete as a flooring material has several different applications and they may all comes as a big surprise to you.

  • Durability: Concrete is not only resilient but it is also very tough and can withstand a great deal of pressure. These floors will be able to withstand stacked crates, cars, forklifts, trucks, and other heavy machinery. Hence, it is the most popular material for commercial areas that face heavy traffic.  
  • Easy maintenance: Caring for your concrete floors is one of the easiest things that you’ll ever have to do. Concrete floors have a longer life when they are waxed or sealed anywhere between 3 to 9 months. However, the frequency of sealing depends on your traffic level.
  • Versatility: When your floors are crafted without bumps, holes, and other defects, you’ll be able to use a surface covering on them later on. However, most floor coverings require an underlayment before they can be placed over your floors. 
  • Environmentally friendliness: Subfloors for your concrete floors already exist for both below-grade and on-grade sites. This just simply means that you’ll be removing whatever was placed over it as you install new floors. Since no new materials are created, resource depletion or carbon footprints will not exist. 
  • Long-lasting: Having your floors sealed and properly maintained will ensure that they have a pretty long-lasting lifetime. In the presence of commercial settings, concrete floorings will withstand the toughest conditions if properly maintained. 
  • Design flexibility: For most, concrete floors are ugly gray utilitarian floors with many bumps in them. Due to modern methods, setting time and mixing improvements, designers are now able to create any effect that they desire. This also means that your concrete floors can have any texture of color effect that you require. 

In several instances, coloration additives are directly mixed before placement. If you’ve got pre-existing floors, acid-staining can be done on the surface along with staining agents to alter the color. Waterproof latex paint can also be used to change the color of your flooring. 

During the installation process, concrete should be made perfectly smooth. However, decorative textures can also be molded onto your flooring surface while it is in the setting phase. You’ll also be able to etch or polish the surface for a smooth sheen or faux tile effect. 

At New Haven Concrete Services we take pride in our superior level of workmanship. We exercise exceptional customer service and professionalism as we strive to deliver outstanding results. So no matter how big your job is, we’re the team for you. When you hire us at New Haven Concrete Services, your concrete floors will be installed with the most care and consideration to meet your high standards of satisfaction.

Get more creative with your concrete flooring. Soon you’ll be able to completely transform your concrete floors from New Haven Concrete Services in New Haven CT. So give us a call at 203-717-4980 for your free estimate and some more information today.

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