Concrete Foundation Laying in New Haven CT

Concrete Foundation Laying

The esteemed engineers are New Haven Concrete Services take the most pride as foundation contractors in making our customers happy. We’ve worked on projects of multiple sizes within New Haven, CT and you’ll be able to count on us for the most durable foundation to support your structures for more than a lifetime to come. 

Concrete Foundation

Foundations serve are the first main element of any building structure. It ensures that both the structure and the ground are properly connected. They also add to the overall structural stability. Foundations are essential and evenly distributes the load over large areas.  

Concrete foundations readily provide support and strength for structural foundations. This plays a huge role as it keeps your building stable. Concrete foundations have also been known to last for decades at a time. 

Types Of Concrete Foundations


  • This is one of the classic methods of constructing a foundation. This method is useful in areas where the soil freezes during the year. After the footing is constructed to meet the depth of the ground, walls are built on top of it where there is no freezing. 
  • The T-shaped footing design is usually built wider than the walls to effectively support the base. The footing is firstly placed and then the walls are created. The last step in this process is placing the slab.

Slab On Grade Foundation

  • This method involves the slab being poured directly onto the floor. The slab edges are usually thicker in this method when compared to the rest. Slab on grade foundations provides enough strength to withstand several types of structures. 
  • However, this method is not suited for every region since it comes into direct contact with the earth’s surface. Slab on grades is better suited for warmer climates where the ground doesn’t freeze over. Additionally, this type is also extremely vulnerable to flooding. 

Raft Foundation

  • This foundation type allows structures to securely stay seated on a single slab. Raft foundations are built to support a building’s entire weight. Columns are used to ensure the transfer of load from the upper portion while the lower portion is supported by the slab. Raft foundations can also be reinforced with the use of beams or ribs; this type of foundation is best suited for areas with poor soil quality. 

By giving our contractors the chance to review your project, we’ll have the opportunity to exceed your expectations. So whether you need a custom home or even a new shed, we’re more than qualified to handle the challenge.

Our diverse history allows us to practice the utmost characteristic of willingness and dedication to take your project to the extra mile. At New Haven Concrete Services we’re the number one choice for concrete services in New Haven. So give us a call at 203-717-4980 for your free estimate today. 

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