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What's The Role Of A Mason?

A variety of materials such as brick, stone, and concrete are used by masons during the installation of chimneys. Retaining patios, walls, and complete homes are also done by masons. Their wide skillfulness hasn’t yet been tapped by most homeowners. The simplest of features can still bring out exemplary space enhancement. For instance, interior designs can be enhanced through a stone veneer accent wall or the creation of curb appeal by developing a pathway

Masons typically have three specialties. Some masons have relevant experience and qualifications in all three specialties: brick, stone, and concrete.

  • Stone Masons – Both natural and manufactured stone are handled by stoneworkers. Still, veneer products can be used for the production of different installations. Facades on homes, exterior flooring, interior flooring, and walls can be done by stonemasons. The manipulation of material is a skill possessed by stoneworkers to create any look and design. 


  • Brick Masons – Brick masons are skillful when it comes to handling bricks be it manufactured, real, veneer, or solid. “Bricklayers” is what they are popularly known as. Care and attention are required in this process. The lines here are usually precisely uniform and unforgiving when mistakes are made. Popular installations include columns, walls, patios, chimneys, and fireplaces.

Concrete Masonry Contractors

Both block and poured concrete are used by concrete masons. Leveling, finishing, and controlling the impacts of weather as cement hardening continues happens during the process of pouring. Metal reinforcements may be used by concrete workers to guarantee the support of their installations. Popular jobs include sidewalks, driveways, columns, and walls.

e easily complimented with almost any finish that includes but are not limited to carpet, marble, wood, and tiles. The following are staircase projects that we’ve worked on:

Veneer products can be applied in most interior settings to bring out the desired look. Since veneer is lighter than brick or natural stone, it makes the installation process of veneer products easy. Still, it fetches at a lower price since it has less brick or natural stone. It can be easily transported.

Fireplaces And Chimney Masonry

Fireplaces aren’t merely holes in the wall used to burn wood. They can be proposed to act as your home’s real hearth. A significant difference will be made by professional work as well as a remarkable impression. Arguably, this is the place within the home that draws the line between cheap imitations and authentic masonry art. 

Patios And Walkways

Your yard’s look can be transformed by a professional. You could enjoy better living space with the incorporation of a stone or brick walkway and patio. Value addition can be done through such landscaping projects to ensure your home has an ideal curb appeal.

Garden or Retaining Walls

These are shorter walls. The installation of these walls can be done with lots of materials. Manufactured or natural stone, a veneer or brick surrounded by a concrete core can be used during installations.

Brick or Stone Steps

Averagely, the installation costs for stone steps are around $2,200. They can go as high as $12,000 or as low as $1,000. Per brick step, you should spend around $150 to $300.

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