Concrete Resurfacing Contractor in New Haven CT

No matter what, your concrete floors will need to withstand may test throughout its lifetime. Several flooring systems have the capacity to last for decades at a time. However, there are two types of concrete, those that are cracked and those that are going to eventually crack. Concrete resurfacing is necessary for dealing with these challenges. 

It's Available For Everyone

Concrete resurfacing is not only easily affordable but it is the perfect safe solution for residential, industrial and commercial spaces. The following are several applications where this method comes in handy:

  • Patios
  • Driveways
  • Pool decks since they are usually made with a more delicate slab
  • Educational facilities that have damaged concrete surfaces

Concrete Resurfacing - The Affordable Solution

Concrete resurfacing is more than just a refresher for your property. It adds value and it’s pretty inexpensive as you work to keep your floors in great condition.


If you’re interested in ripping up your old, cracked driveway, you’re in for spending a huge chunk of cash. If you’ve started to notice stress cracks, it’s the perfect time to resurface your beautiful slab. When left for a long period of time, damages take a toll on the surface and they are unable to be repaired. Resurfacing creates a number of customization opportunities for you. 


Your patio is one of the few spaces in your home where guests spend the most time. After long usage, your patio surface will start showing signs of wear and tear. In order to deal with this, resurfacing is the best option for you. This enables you to customize your flooring surface and overlays permit direct troweling onto your surfaces. 

Pool Decks

Pool decks generally don’t have covering on them. This leaves them in the full blast of the elements. If your deck is starting to show signs of cracking, our contractors are standing by to have your decking in perfect shape once again. Concrete around a pool is usually connected to a series of fragile elements and resurfacing gives you the perfect option to ensure that nothing gets damaged in the process. 


Sidewalks are usually subjected to as much traffic as your driveway or even the roadways. This means that you’re also going to start seeing a ton of cracks popping up very soon. Since they practically receive pretty harsh treatment, the strength will decrease over time. 

Garage Floors

Garage floors are one of the few that come into contact with several harsh chemicals, oils, and even gas at times. Most garage floors don’t have any protective coatings on them. This soon leads to rapid deterioration. So, if your floors are suffering from gouges, cracks, and divots its time to have a resurfacing done. 

Our diverse team of experienced, highly trained engineers will take your resurfacing project to the extra mile. New Haven Concrete Services is the first choice for exceptional service in New Haven. Give us a call at 203-717-4980 for a free estimate today. 

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