Concrete Sidewalk Contractor in New Haven CT

For quality services such as the concrete sidewalk, New Haven Concrete Services offers premium services for your New Haven home. There are lots of reasons as to why we are a reputable service provider. We offer our services to clients on weekend hours and operate a 24/7 emergency service. 

We are not just mere concrete contractors, we are the concrete service providers who are passionate about what we do. We see to it that our services suit your schedule. So, why opt for just any concrete sidewalks when you have the option of sourcing for premium services from us.      

Your New Haven's Home Sidewalks

There are various reasons why the popularity of concrete sidewalks in New Haven homes is high.

Concrete is budget-friendly.

The usage of this material can be done in the most economic sense even if the walkway is quite expansive. Any design or shape can be taken up by this material. Still, a large surface area can be covered by concrete. You can easily create a straight or curved pathway once it’s poured. There is nothing you’ll come close to that’s as budget-friendly as concrete whilst lasting as long as it does. Daily wear and tear are taken care of to ensure optimal performance and durability.

Little maintenance is needed

You should be good to go by simply cleaning and occasionally repairing minor cracks. This guarantees that the concrete serves you for years.

Color and design can be modified if need be

The visual aesthetics of your concrete surfaces can be totally altered by colored and stamped concrete.

Common Reasons Why Concrete Cracks

There isn’t a particular reason that’s responsible for cracking, but there are different potential factors that may lead to concrete cracking.

No Crushed Stone Base

Environmental forces make a concrete slab more sensitive when there is no crushed stone base. Forces from the movement of soils and the subgrade being washed away by water can lead to concrete cracking. 

Missing Control Joints

During the placement of concrete, the lines that are tooled or cut into the slab are referred to as control joints. The slab’s cracking isn’t necessarily prevented by these joints. They help to plan where concrete cracking will likely happen. 

Lack of Construction Joints

The connection between two separate slabs is done by construction joints. Slippage and the exertion of forces against each other would occur when two slabs are connected without construction joints.

Wrong Concrete Mix Design

Your concrete mix design demands perfection from every element. This includes the air, temperature, and water content used. Luckily, cracking is a rare occurrence in modern concrete mix designs that are furnished by competent companies.

New Haven Concrete Services is the premium service provider for concrete service in New Haven offering competent engineers, a varied background, and preparedness to take on any tasks to satisfy your needs. Call us today at 203-717-4980 for a free quote.

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