Concrete Slab in New Haven CT

We’re very proud of the work we do at New Haven Concrete Services. We work hard to deliver results that satisfy all of our clients throughout New Haven. We provide all kinds of important services, from patios to sidewalks to driveways to slab work. We’d love to team up with you on your future projects. We can deliver high-quality concrete flatwork at a very reasonable price. 

Garage Slabs

Generally, a garage slab is four inches thick. The turndown edges are much thicker; usually around 12 inches. The size of a slab can vary based on the type of vehicles that will be stored in the garage. In some cases, it may be necessary to add additional materials to protect the structural integrity of the concrete. 

Hard Trowel Finish

In New Haven you’ll have many choices for concrete slabs, including a hand trowel finish. A steel trowel is used to make the surface denser. This gives the surface a harder and smoother appearance.

Broom Finish

With a broom finish, a broom is moved across a concrete slab. A device similar to a broom may also be used. This can give the concrete an even-textured appearance. It can improve both the drainage and traction in your New Haven home. 

Decorative Finishing Options

A concrete floor isn’t just affordable. It doesn’t need much upkeep, and there are plenty of appealing options when it comes to finishes.

A Comprehensive Warranty

You can trust that any work done by New Haven Concrete Services will be handled with care. We’re careful about the material suppliers we use and work hard to ensure that the products we use meet our standards of quality. 

With that said, mistakes are always a possibility when a task is being handled by humans. 

Many factors can cause concrete to be damaged, including factors that are beyond the average person’s control. Chemicals, equipment, de-icers, vehicles, and even general wear and tear can cause damage to concrete. 


It’s almost inevitable that concrete will experience cracking. It’s a common problem for concrete. However, what matters is the size of the crack. Cracks smaller than half an inch are completely normal. Cracks larger than this may be covered under your warranty. 

Damage Caused By Shifting

Concrete needs to settle, even when the soil is properly compacted. Some shifting is going to happen no matter what. We don’t provide warranty coverage for settling and shifting for that reason.

Popping And Flaking

Although the weather could cause a stone — or stones — to be exposed to the elements, it doesn’t damage a slab’s integrity. In the concrete industry, it’s some flaking and popping is typical. Anything under 20% is considered to be normal.


Not all concrete mix designs are alike. It’s impossible to perfectly match the color of any existing mist. Because of that, this is something that we do not warrant for. 

Our expertise and talented workers can provide excellent concrete services throughout New Haven. Just call New Haven Concrete Services at 203-717-4980. if you’d like to receive a free estimate!

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