Concrete Pool Deck Contractor in New Haven CT

It’s becoming more common to see decorative concrete decks around pools. These decks serve many functions, and they can also be a wonderful place to relax. Even though a pool deck is similar to a patio in a lot of ways, it needs to do a few additional things. Because it’s near a pool, it needs to reflect sunlight, and it also needs to be slip-resistant. 

Thanks to decorative concrete, it’s possible to create a pool deck that looks like a deck made from more costly materials, like wood or even slate. You can make sure your deck complements your home and your yard. 

Repairing A Concrete Pool Deck

It’s possible to repair a pool deck providing the concrete the deck is comprised of is still structurally sound. Your options will vary based on your budget and the condition your concrete is in. You could use staining to enhance the color, or you could completely resurface the deck. 

It’s important that damaged concrete is removed and that any larger cracks are filled in before starting the repair process. This will deliver better results. You may also have to take steps to divert water runoff if there are issues with the way your pool deck is sloped.


  • You may find that resurfacing with either micro-topping or a concrete overlay is your best choice if you’re having issues with spalling, cracking, or scaling. With resurfacing, you can hide flaws and customize the look of your pool at the same time! Some systems are made to resurface pool decks. You can improve your deck’s ability to reflect heat and make it more slip-resistant. 


  • Discoloration is a common problem for pool checks. Pool chemicals can cause damage, and so can the constant exposure to sunlight. Thankfully, it’s possible to restore the color of the concrete. 

A fresh coat of acid or a water-based stain should take care of the problem. Make sure that the product you use for staining is UV-resistant. Use a sealant to provide your concrete with extra protection! If you do that, you should be able to maintain your colors.

New Haven Concrete Services can help you to restore your concrete pool deck in New Haven. Our talented and experienced team is here to assist you. If you get in touch with us at 203-717-4980, we can tell you more and even give you a free estimate.

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